Volunteer: Human Resources

We're looking for someone to join our core team and take on HR-specific duties

About Us

We're a local non-profit that is ran by a group of University of Waterloo students and alumni.

Our goal is to eliminate mental health problems in our community. We aim to do so by providing free 1:1 spiritual care sessions, by hosting workshops and lectures, and striving for an environment that enables personal growth.

Some high-level milestones:

  • - Incorporated as a non-profit in 2018
  • - 130+ free 1:1 care sessions offered by 2 chaplains since we started offering them a year ago
  • - Currently raising $5,000 a year in recurring donations; aiming for $20,000 recurring by December 2019

We're currently a team of 9 core team members. You will be #10.

Who We Are Looking For

We're looking for someone to take on and lead all HR-related duties. Specifically, you will be:

  • - Regularly checking in with team members on how they're doing and helping manage workload
  • - Monitoring overall team engagement and thinking of ways to improve it
  • - Scoping out new roles and helping fill them to balance workload
  • - Managing and dealing with conflicts
  • - Onboarding new team members

And anything else that helps motivate the rest of the team to perform their best :)

How Things Are Right Now

We had a core team member that handled all HR-related duties but, unfortunately, they had to excuse themselves from the position.

Once they left, the role got partially filled by our team lead. However, it quickly became apparent that this would not be a long term solution and we are looking to fill the role again very soon.


Everyone on our team is currently a volunteer and this is also a volunteer position.

Time Commitment and Other Requirements

We're very dedicated to our mission and are looking for someone that feels the same way as us.

The time commitment varies; a few of us dedicate up to 15-20 hours per week on this initiative on a regular basis.

We also highly prefer our team members to not take on any other long-term volunteer commitments.

Overall, we are looking for someone who gets work done independently, is a "manager of one", and someone we can truly rely on to give it their best to elevate the organization to the next level.

You can either be a student or an alumni. From University of Waterloo or not. We're not too picky about this as long as you have a track record of doing something similar in the past and are able to make a firm commitment with us.

Start Date / Duration

This is a 12-month commitment which will renew if things go well. The start date for this role would be as soon as possible.

How to Apply

Please apply at https://form.jotform.com/91177748373266